Please Don’t Tell Me to Smile

Please Don’t Tell Me to Smile

My Thoughts on Being Approachable

Approachable. Is that what I need to be?

No more of my time will be spent agonizing over comments that I am snobby, bitchy, and unapproachable. However, I think I’m over that now.

I’ve been told that I come off as distant – uninterested in getting closer.

The truth is, I don’t like attention from people I don’t like. That is what I’m uninterested in. It doesn’t appeal to me. I value my privacy and my space, and I’m prepared to give it up for a select few. It’s not because I think I’m better than anyone.

I’m nice. As well as polite, curious, considerate and understanding. If you talk to me, you will see that I’m far from cruel. Anyone who wishes can approach me, and I’ll treat them with kindness.

However, I admire and encourage attention from a select few.

Why is this wrong?

Why do I need to make myself available to the world, or to anyone who wishes?

I am not a 24/7 gas station. I’m a person.

Nor am I the door to a home – open, closed, locked; difficult, pliable.

I don’t exist only to tend a doorstep.

I don’t need to be decorated and passive.

Show me a man under scrutiny for being unapproachable. Or is that unnecessary, since he is always the one who approaches?

He walks, he chooses, and I sit?

I will manage the door to myself however I wish.

Most of all I wish to never be a door.

I am a walking, living thing.

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