Orchid Hush

Orchid Hush

by Paige Kouh

Today I am lost, in the absolute most freeing way
Hidden behind the rouge on my cheeks,
I feel beauty escape me

A moment ago, my fingertip brushed
an orchid petal
And I felt beauty rush through me

One touch, and efflorescence wove itself through the air

Yesterday, I wore caramel ringlets in my hair
A rosy rash rested on my scalp, resembling the orchids vibrant iridescence
This was when beauty burned me

Last June, my mind left me
seeking for untold answers
But beauty had never met me

Flower petals whisked by me, finding comfort in the porcelain palms of a little girl

Last year, my masculinity overthrew all strength,
leaving me hopeless that I could ever be like her
Suddenly I felt beauty betray me

Now, I yearn for acceptance
I yearn to live the life of a girl in amity,
wondering if beauty will ever find me

Reluctantly, I watch the little girl skip away, without a single ounce of beauty to repay

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