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    Victoria and Abdul: A Review

    Victoria and Abdul: A Review

    I have always had a fond heart for movies, particularly those that possess the power to transpose a person by shedding a light on a new perspective. This month I had the absolute privilege of getting the opportunity to view the film Victoria and Abdul. The film, unlike any other film I have viewed in the past, contained a sense of undeniable passion and was able to fuse the austerity of racial discrimination with tale as old as time idea of following your heart to do what is right. This harmonious pairing makes this film inviting, uplifting, and allows views to watch from an unbiased standpoint and fully experience the beauty that defines this movie both aesthetically and in depth.

    The movie follows the progression of a friendship shared between Queen Victoria and a young clerk. The human’s ability to see past the superficial or to not see past the superficial is evident in this film along with other themes of loyalty, trust, knowledge and doing only what your heart deems to be fit and right. Not only is the film informative concerning an event that took place in history, but the film also highlights themes that are very relevant to our modern day society.

    See the trailer below.

    For more info on the real story of Victoria and Abdul, visit Victoria and Abdul the Real Story

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    Ole Miss

    Nectar of a crimson honeysuckle stings
    my tongue,
    as a bumble bee flies by me.
    Amber roads stain my toes,
    yet I run through time unwittingly.
    Oh but a Sunday afternoon.

    Mama’s perched on the front porch
    Humming a tune,
    as the birds chirp in reply.
    I twirl to my own jubilee,
    while papa smiles near by.
    Oh but a Sunday afternoon.

    Carried away by the breeze, my checkered dress
    dances through the air.
    Corn husks crackle in the distance, composing a most
    lovely melody for a song.
    Oh but a Sunday afternoon.

    Flower petals rest in my caramel hair,
    and I wear nothing but my heart on my sleeve.
    Mama sips her on chamomile tea,
    while papa smiles near by.
    Oh but a Sunday afternoon.

    Together, we watch as the sun and the grass
    have a kiss goodnight.
    My eyelids fall gently and I feel warmth hold me
    close, and hold me tight.
    Oh but a Sunday afternoon.

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    Self Respect

    While it is important to always have respect for others, it is equally as important to remember to have respect for yourself. The idea of self respect can easily be confused with being conceited. This is a big reason why people do not value themselves and honor their self respect; because many people are afraid of being perceived as conceited and egotistical.

    It is always important to remember that it is okay to put yourself first sometimes. It is okay to say no to people, especially when you feel like you are in danger or when you are standing up for something or someone you believe in. You should never feel obligated to put yourself in a dangerous situation for the sake of other people (particularly peer pressure).

    The way you view yourself and the respect you have for yourself is just as important as the way you treat other people. Self worth helps in self confidence, but also helps you respect the opinions and feelings of other people. In the end, it really is all about keeping the right balance between you and the people around you.

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    Simple Gifts

    There are so many opportunities, experiences, people, and places to be thankful for. At the same time, these are all things that many of us forget to be grateful for, and forget to show appreciation for. Too often do we get tangled up in the extravagance of life and the desire for endless amounts of opulent wealth, do we tend to overlook the simple gifts in life that so many people would give their lives for.

    It is easy to want new things. I bet you can name at least five new things you want right now. The problem is that we are all constantly thinking about what we want next. We are all so focussed on buying new items that we miss what is right in front of us, and we miss all of the things that we already have. I bet that the shirt you saw in a store yesterday that you had to have, or the dress you claim you need in your life right now; if you just wait a week or so you probably will not feel you need them anymore.

    We all want what we do not have, and once we have it we simply check it off our list and move onto the next item. If we are constantly looking forward and asking for more, how are we ever going to be able find a feeling of content?

    Hopefully, we will begin to learn the significance of appreciation not only for the better of ourselves, but for the better of our society. Although our world seems to be advancing at such a rapid pace, it is ok to take a step back and recognize the importance of not forgetting about the beauty of simplicity in life. The older I become, the less simple everything seems to be, and I realize how much I took the carefree life of a little kid for granted. I give my best effort to recognize the simple pieces of life that many people tend to oversee. I try my best to take in every burnt orange sunrise and sunset, every cotton candy colored sky, and every full bloom flower and thriving tree. These are the things in life that give me a feeling of content. We must appreciate these simple things for what they are now, because we never know how long we will have them; and if we continue to only focus on wanting more and more, one day we will wake up and everything we forgot we loved will simply be gone.

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    What I Would Give

    What I Would Give
    to spare you more time.
    I would pay in a million
    starry nights.
    I would pay in sacrifice of
    beautiful days.
    To me,
    the choice is quite simple,
    even though life has never presented me
    with more complexities.
    I would give you my lungs
    to hear you breath again.
    I would turn my world silent
    so you could find peace in my voice.
    I would forget the aroma of coffee each morning
    just so you could smell a rainy day.
    I would live in darkness forever
    because I have already forgotten what a beautiful world
    looks like.

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    To Be…

    To love lovingly
    is the least of what I intend to peruse.
    To sing when the song has
    already been sung, is what I hope to do.

    To fall fearlessly is a
    person’s strongest strength.
    To breathe breathlessly
    in the depths of the longest length.

    To care carelessly
    displays such a kindness.
    To listen loudly
    triumphs over all blindness.

    To work willingly
    allows one to live proudly.
    To push passionately
    lets in a sense of harmony.

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    Orchid Hush

    by Paige Kouh

    Today I am lost, in the absolute most freeing way
    Hidden behind the rouge on my cheeks,
    I feel beauty escape me

    A moment ago, my fingertip brushed
    an orchid petal
    And I felt beauty rush through me

    One touch, and efflorescence wove itself through the air

    Yesterday, I wore caramel ringlets in my hair
    A rosy rash rested on my scalp, resembling the orchids vibrant iridescence
    This was when beauty burned me

    Last June, my mind left me
    seeking for untold answers
    But beauty had never met me

    Flower petals whisked by me, finding comfort in the porcelain palms of a little girl

    Last year, my masculinity overthrew all strength,
    leaving me hopeless that I could ever be like her
    Suddenly I felt beauty betray me

    Now, I yearn for acceptance
    I yearn to live the life of a girl in amity,
    wondering if beauty will ever find me

    Reluctantly, I watch the little girl skip away, without a single ounce of beauty to repay