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    Women’s March 2019!!

    Women's March

    This year I had the opportunity to attend the 2019 Women’s March in Philadelphia along with three of my closest friends.

    Public events such as the women’s march are essential. They are one of the best ways to bring people and communities together to discuss and stand up for change. I truly believe that events such as marches, conventions, protests, and conferences are the best way to peacefully inspire and motivate individuals. To make a change and create a spark in their community, peaceful movements are important. Walking side by side with so many incredible people, to uplift and celebrate women, was an unforgettable experience.     


    Throughout the day, activists shared speeches about their passions, stories, and journey to becoming an activist. My friends and I had the opportunity to speak with activist Yashira Marie Rivera. Rivera found her love for activism at the young age of 13. Her words were moving and encouraged me to continue to fight and advocate for the rights and equality of women all around the world.


    Along with Yashira, we also heard a speech from a 17-year-old girl.  She started a campaign against climate change and the detrimental impacts of environmental racism. Even though this activist is only 17 years old, she has already been able to accomplish so much in such a short amount of time. Her work and motivation have bettered the lives of many people within her community in University City in Philadelphia. More importantly, she has made a difference in the lives of people in communities less fortunate than hers. She has recognized that because she does have a very privileged life. Therefore she is doing everything in her power to help as many people her life will allow.


    At the march, it was reassuring to see the men that were participating in the event as well. It is vital for men to recognize the need for women’s rights and make a change in support of women.


    I was touched to see all of the children holding up signs and marching with their parents. In this day and age, I believe it is important to start educating children about societal issues and instill these lessons in them when children are young.


    Attending the Women’s March only increased my love of activism and has made my desire to help others even stronger. Next year I am planning on participating in the Women’s March in Washington D.C., and I am already looking forward to experiencing another day full of the positivity and empowerment that we very much need for our country to move forward.


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    Recognizing Mental Health in Young Girls

    Recognizing Mental Health in Young Girls

    Last May, I had the opportunity to attend the “Dear Evan Hansen” event at TIME magazine in New York.

    The event was held in order to discuss the importance of recognizing the effects of mental health on teens. Rowan Blanchard, Disney channel’s star on Girl Meets World, was interviewed during the event as a guest speaker. She answered a question about her own experience in coping with mental health. In her response, she gave her thoughts on why mental health has become so prevalent among teens.

    During the interview Rowan spoke with compassion about the implications of mental health, specifically on young girls.

    Rowan is not surprised “that girls are sad because there is so much stigma to be happy.” She stressed to the audience that it is okay to be unhappy at times and not be perfect. Her talk emphasized the importance of recognizing to not blame teens for any mental health problems. Rowan highlighted the fact that too often do girls feel like they are the “problem” and are to blame. Girls can drown in guilt and should be empowering one another as opposed to feeling ashamed.

    Rowan touched upon her own experience with mental health and that for her the best way to cope was talking to her parents.

    Rowan acknowledged the fact that she knows parents may not be an option for everyone. However, when it comes to sharing how they are feeling simply talking to anyone can help. Find people who want to help you feel better. Talking to others about how you are feeling is one of the healthiest ways to get better. Even though it is difficult, because it puts you at your most vulnerable state, it’s helpful.

    The interview concluded with Rowan stating, I finally feel like “I can just be.”

    She expressed how although she may still face mental health struggles from time to time, she feels comfortable in her own skin and expressing the raw, uncut, and true version of herself. Whether it is through social media, meeting fans, or interviews, she does her best to always put forth the most genuine version of herself in order to show young girls that it is ok to be exactly who you are and it is ok to be perfect not ok all the time.


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    Fear of Failure

    Fear of Failure

    by Paige Kouh, featured contributor

    There is one piece of our lives that is so strong and so powerful, that it has the power to hold us back from living life to its full potential.

    Failure. Failure is the fear that unites us all and can catch us at our most vulnerable times. As humans, we encounter so many obstacles throughout our lives. Yet, we allow something so simple to eat away at our self-confidence and build a wall between our dreams and reality. Overcoming the fear of failure is the key to reaching success.

    Whether it is failing a college exam, not passing driver’s test, or messing up an interview, we all face failures. No matter how perfect someone might appear to be.

    Failures are the steps to finding success and force you to grow in the process of learning from your failures. Over time, the idea of failing has been marked with the negativity and a condescending reputation. However, how are we expected to evolve and build upon our intelligence if we never have any mistakes to learn from.

    As scary as it may seem, failures can be some of the most valuable parts of life.

    It takes time. However, learning to face the fear of failure head-on will allow you to jump fearlessly into new adventures. Hopefully, it will enable you to find more happiness within the darker times that life presents us. It is important to remember that it is possible to view failures with a positive mindset. In some way, failures hold a piece of beauty in the sense that they allow us to eventually find the good in the bad, giving us hope that life will get better.

    Do not let the fear of failure restrain you from discovering your own potential.

    Do not let fear keep you from exploring your own destiny. Do not let fear overpower you.

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    To What Extent Does Plumeria Bloom

    To What Extent Does Plumeria Bloom

    How am I to comprehend such beauty?

    Whether that be upon the

    absence of a petalless plumeria

    or a twigless oak.

    Comprehension of beauty is beautiful

    without footprints of rouge beyond

    birches. May

    it be an effervescence of

    elegance, in a kind of

    heart brought up boundless

    of tarnished wire.

    A manner by which

    undoubted purity,

    relinquished wrath,

    and unsought pride,

    and rightful accolades

    never know

    the idea of rareness.


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    The Air We Breathe

    The Air We Breathe

    A tear trickles down her face, brushing past

    her flushed cheeks.

    The drop vanishes into the threads of a linen skirt,

    as her eyelids fall like soft blankets to hide such

    glassy, swollen eyes.

    Each breath skipping a beat in time

    bringing sorrow into

    The air we breathe

    Chills sweep through every inch

    of her body,

    and the tales of winter set in a delicate soul.

    Her heart has frozen overtime

    but shatters in an instant.

    For each breath she takes leaves a scar to remind her

    of the time love betrayed her

    Bringing sorrow into

    The air we breathe

    Confusion buries her blessings as she wonders about the

    meaning of love.

    She longs for nothing more than to know how she lost

    such a precious gift.

    She screams into the night for forgiveness,

    only to find herself

    Bringing sorrow into

    The air we breathe

    One block over

    a mother is regretting the mistake she

    never meant to make.

    She holds an old photo in her hands of a girl

    with a delicate soul.

    She whispers into the night begging for forgiveness,

    only to find herself

    Bringing sorrow into

    The air we breathe


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    Victoria and Abdul: A Review

    Victoria and Abdul: A Review

    I have always had a fond heart for movies, particularly those that possess the power to transpose a person by shedding a light on a new perspective. This month I had the absolute privilege of getting the opportunity to view the film Victoria and Abdul. The film, unlike any other film I have viewed in the past, contained a sense of undeniable passion and was able to fuse the austerity of racial discrimination with tale as old as time idea of following your heart to do what is right. This harmonious pairing makes this film inviting, uplifting, and allows views to watch from an unbiased standpoint and fully experience the beauty that defines this movie both aesthetically and in depth.

    The movie follows the progression of a friendship shared between Queen Victoria and a young clerk. The human’s ability to see past the superficial or to not see past the superficial is evident in this film along with other themes of loyalty, trust, knowledge and doing only what your heart deems to be fit and right. Not only is the film informative concerning an event that took place in history, but the film also highlights themes that are very relevant to our modern day society.

    See the trailer below.

    For more info on the real story of Victoria and Abdul, visit Victoria and Abdul the Real Story