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My Favorite Halloween Memory

a house for trick-or-treaters to visit

I didn’t really know what to do for this article, but then I started thinking about all the fun I have had on Halloween so I decided that I would write about my favorite memory. 

When I was younger, I lived in a neighborhood called Pine Meadow. My closest neighbors were an older couple whose names were Tom and Kathy. We used to go over to their house all the time for football games and parties. They would take me and my sister in when my parents went out for date nights.

We are very close to their family. Their niece, Ms.Tiffany practically helped raise me and my sister. 

After my sister and I were finished trick or treating, we would usually go over to their house for a Halloween party. That year, my sister and I dressed up as Susan and Lucy from the Narnia stories. I was Lucy and she was Susan.

Our old neighborhood used to go all out for Halloween. They did hayrides and inflatables in the front yard. And there was this one house that gave out regular size candy bars. Not the “fun sIze” ones that weren’t fun at all because they were smaller.

 Now, I don’t remember all of the specifics of that night but I do remember the feeling. Giddiness, because free candy is every kid’s dream. But I also remember feeling content. Which is a very complex emotion for a six year old at the time. I remember walking up the steps to their house so happy about my candy haul.

I promised myself that I would make it last until Easter. Guess what, it didn’t. I believe it lasted about three weeks.

Well anyway, I was walking up the steps and wasn’t expecting anything when… HOOONNNNNK!!!!!! I jumped so high I almost fell off the steps. And I believe my screams were so high that only dogs could hear them. When the fright had somewhat left me, I searched the patio to see who blew the horn and found Ryan. He is Tiffany’s brother. He was laughing so much that I had to laugh too. And my sister joined in shortly after.

I quickly went inside the house and found Mrs. Kathy who hugged me. After that I just listened to the adults talking and ate my candy (told you it wasn’t going to last long). The memory is a quick one but is so important to me. This is because a big thing that I believe in is this. You have two families in life, one is blood bound, you are born into it and must treasure it.

But the other one might be even more important than the one you are born into, this one is the one you chose, the one you build. This family is made up of friends and people you consider family. This is so important because you get to decide who you want surrounding you. And these people are my family, even if not by blood. 

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