Mr. Green Eyes

Mr. Green Eyes

Oh, Mr. Green Eyes.
When I walk into a room,
You’re all I can see.
And when I see you,
I can’t help but freeze.

I can’t move or speak,
I can barely dare to breathe,
Why must you make me feel this way?
You make me question my every move.

Oh, how you’ve changed me, Mr. Green Eyes.
You make me feel so scared,
Yet so secure.
When you say my name,
I feel my heart beating out of my chest;
I feel it slowly making its way up my throat,
I feel it pulsating throughout my lips;
Then it sinks back into the pit of my stomach.

But when our eyes meet,
It’s like the whole world freezes,
And all I can see are those green eyes.
I could stare into your beautiful green eyes forever,
It’s like looking it to a crystal ball,
I see my future in those,

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