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Letter from the World: Adoring Emily Dickinson

My dearest Emily,

We have received your letter with gratitude,

For in it, we heard the voice of a poet true,

Whose words spoke of Nature’s majesty,

And painted pictures of its grandeur for us to see.


Your pen is a brush that strokes the canvas of our minds,

With vibrant hues of sunsets, flowers, and woodlands intertwined,

And yet, your verses also spoke of the end of life,

A theme that cuts like a sharp-edged knife.


For death, too, is a part of Nature’s majesty,

A cycle that repeats endlessly,

And in your poems, we see its beauty and its pain,

The bittersweetness of loss that makes our hearts refrain.


And even in your writings of death, we find a kinder destiny,

A world that accepts the natural end of life’s journey,

For though you may have felt obscure in life,

Your poetry shines like the stars at night.


Though we may not have written to you before,

Know that we have heard your poetic lore,

And in our hearts, we hold it with reverence,

For it speaks of a beauty that transcends existence.


So do not fear, dear Emily, for your voice is heard,

In the hearts of those who appreciate your word,

And though we may not see the hands that hold your pen,

We feel their gentle touch in every line and every amen.


   ~ With love and admiration, the World


Check out Emily Dickinson’s original poem, This is my letter to the World here.


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