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Lagree Pilates Method – Fun AND Effective!

So, what is the Lagree pilates method?

Unlike most workout methods, Lagree pilates is done on a machine called the Megaformer. The Megaformer is large and mobile, providing a large range of movement. Additionally, it allows for versatile workouts. Which targets the major muscles of the body, ranging from abs, obliques, arms, and legs. The pace of each movement is extremely slow and controlled to work multiple muscle groups at once.

Another major factor of this method is the quick transitions. Instead of taking breaks in between each move, one must keep the tension from the previous move as they go to the next. This causes one to lose energy quicker, which leads to a shorter workout. Keeping stability is also key to the class. Because of the slower pace, it requires more balance and an all around focus on the core. Overall, the focus in the Lagree pilates method is on many muscle groups at once in order to build strength and muscle tone. 

Why I Love Lagree

I recently started taking pilates in a facility that teaches the lagree method. I love every part of it because it challenges me in many aspects of my body. During a class, I am focused on my balance, the muscles at work, and the pace I am going. Each class is different and aims the focus on a different group of muscles. I always feel that I have received a full body workout when I leave a class and have definitely seen a difference in my strength.

Another aspect that I love about the process is that I am able to adjust each movement to fit my skill level, and the more classes I attend, the higher my skill level reaches. Therefore, I highly suggest the Lagree method in pilates because I have seen a change in not only my physical strength and appearance, but I have also seen a difference in my mindset. It is very important to get active in what ever way you can because the impact reaches much further than the physical aspects.  

How I Fell in Love

I started doing pilates this year because my mom had done it for a while. She loved it and told me that it was a great way to get toned muscles and clear the mind. It helped her focus on her abilities and physical body for the 50 minute class. I loved how much she enjoyed the class and decided to try it out for myself. Around September, I got involved and found it to be everything my mom told me it was.

As I started to attend more classes, I could see and feel a difference. I also noticed myself becoming gradually better at the class, which has motivated me to increase the amount of times I attend and the intensity at which I do each move. Overall, the Lagree pilates method is a great way to achieve physical and mental strength, and I strongly suggest trying a class in a place near you.

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