Artist Statement

My work “Influence” is an illustration of my struggle with fighting the urge to not being influenced by negative people. As we go through life, we are inspired by people almost every day, and this can be very good. But, sometimes these “inspirational people” can have negative side effects. Sometimes, they could actually be dragging you into bad situations, or sometimes they can just be making you an unhappy person. Either way, it is bad and should not happen. This past year I’ve been struggling with removing negative influences from my life. It is hard, and might be saddening at first, but I can definitely say that it pays off, and that I am a much happier person now. At some point I was a depressed person constantly holding myself back from the things that I really like(as represented by the bark); but now I am a person that I can be proud of!

August 2016 Contest Winner

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