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Indie Artists to Explore


There are so many wonderful indie artists, but so many do not have the following that they deserve. Here are my recommendations for indie bands/artists to check out! Who knows, you might find your favorite song, so give them a listen.


Wallows is a great band to listen to if you are just getting into indie music. They have some really great tunes like “Pleaser” and “Scrawny.” I love them for their catchy melodies and drum beats that make you want to bop your head and dance. Listen to them while jamming in the car or hanging out with friends in the park!

The Marías

Velvety vocals, vintage sound, and bilingual lyrics. The Marías have an incredibly unique sound that is hard to find in other bands with the beautiful mixture of the 90s, jazz, and psychedelic all fused together with lead singer Mariá Zardoya’s soft and enchanting voice. “Cariño” is definitely one of my favorite songs with its chill melody and mix of Spanish lyrics. Give them a listen when you are relaxing and want to just vibe.


Relatively new to the scene, killkiyoshi offers fresh and catchy tunes. With a diverse range of songs from the dreamy melody of “Stars (Interlude)” and the more lighthearted, whimsical “Daisy Chain” to the more mellow tone of “Wandering Lips,” there is so much potential for them, as they continue to develop their sound. I love to listen to them while studying.

Stevie Dinner

Definitely one of the more unique artists on this list, Stevie Dinner’s music is nostalgic, fun, and beautiful. With songs like “Card Declined for Pizza & Wine” and “Cult Ritual, Line 3,” there is always a surprising aspect to their music that makes you laugh but also jam out. It’s hard to get tired of their songs because each listen offers you a different experience with absurd lyrics, mesmerizing drums, and surprise flute solos that create a magical listening experience. Stevie Dinner’s music is both chaotic and comforting. Their latest album, after taking a break from creating music, reimagines their magical sound but more nuanced and somber. If you are looking for a different musical experience, give Stevie Dinner a chance.

Noah Salem

Noah Salem also has a unique sound with his soulful and funky lo-fi beats and mellow vocals. There is a “DIY” aspect to his music (after all he recorded and mixed many of his songs with his own equipment and limited resources) that I really enjoy about it. Noah Salem is also very vocal about having more representation of black musicians in the indie genre. Indie music should be enjoyed by all and open to all creators! Give him a listen if you also want some chill and relaxing sounds.

Jahnah Camille

Love this girl and her music! Her music has beautiful, soft vocals that perfectly express her clever and relatable lyrics. “Alabama Tears” is one of my favorites of Jahnah with the grunge sound and perfectly captured experience of feeling unnoticed and overlooked. Jannah is extremely talented and definitely deserves many ears to hear her art. 

Amy Yang

Amy Yang is a junior in high school and a member of GirlSpring's Springboarders teen leadership program, and a passionate figure skater.

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