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Imagine: Part 1

Imagine: Part 1

A paradise is what the girl imagined as she laid down to sleep that night. The stress of her monotonous work and deadlines were removed and long forgotten. Her new escape now being the dreams of seemingly never ending green fields, towering white clouds, and exciting adventures to discover more of this world sculpted by her mind.


There weren’t any depressing problems plaguing this girl. The girl had good relationship with her family and was managing her own business, but sometimes her mind wandered to the carelessness of childhood. Life had brought the girl through each stage of in her life in the acceptable way as deemed by society. She ran and played outside for hours as a young girl, studied when necessary, became busier throughout the years, completed college, and had chosen a somewhat stable career.


Yet something remained unsatisfied within her. Her inner child that craved the days of playing without any conception of time would check in from time to time. 


Trying to ignore it, she would force herself to become busier in the name of responsibility. Listening to that voice could mean the possibility of admitting that maybe she wasn’t living life the way she wanted. It scared her deeply of acknowledging that uncomfortable truth. 


The professor sat on the chair outside of her house preparing her next lesson for the coming week. She was entering old age and had accomplished most that she had planned to by this time. As she looked up from her work, her eyes caught the listless eyes of the girl who had resolved to take a walk around her neighborhood. It sparked a sense of Deja vu for the professor, as she vividly recalled a student of hers with those same unsettled eyes.


She had never gotten to personally talk to that student except when she had come during her office hours introducing herself as Lynn at the start of the semester. Lynn wasn’t an extremely outstanding student, but she definitely performed well when expectations called for it. The professor didn’t know what exactly was so intriguing about Lynn.


Her overall impression wasn’t too loud or eye-catching but her aura of nonchalance at such a young age was interesting. After reading one of Lynn’s papers for her class, the professor realized that much more laid beyond what she saw. The professor believed that the student was just a stoic person by nature, but was surprised to find the wild thoughts and imagination her student possessed. Years had passed and soon the professor forgot about Lynn after she had graduated.


The girl was in fact the student that the professor once had. By that time, Lynn had returned to her home and was no longer in sight of the professor. The professor chuckled to herself, she was glad that after all these years her memory was still strong. It would have never occurred to her that one of her former students would still be living in the vicinity due to the slow pace of the town.


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