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I Feel Pretty – A Movie With a Purpose

I Feel Pretty

I Feel Pretty

An Honest Movie Review

I Feel Pretty is about a girl who falls in love, with herself. Amy Schumer is the star of this truly inspiring film. If you have yet to see it, save this review until you do. The movie follows Renee, an insecure woman who is constantly questioning herself. It seems impossible for her to avoid feeling undervalued by almost everyone around her. From her lifestyle to her weight, everyone has an opinion.

While working out at a local SoulCycle, Renee falls and hits her head. The fall causes her to see herself differently. Rather than self loathe, she begins to appreciate herself as she is. Her new head injury actually improves her life by giving her a new, positive outlook. Suddenly, she lands her dream job and life could not be any better.

However, Renee falls and hits her head again.

As you may have guessed, she instantly reverts to low self-esteem and shame, but not for long. Renee realizes that confidence is all in the mind. The injury to her head did not cause memory loss, it just deleted the negativity surrounding herself. Opinions are not facts.

This movie spoke to me because it proves that regardless of looks, we are all unique. It is important to love yourself and not change for the sake of others. By first loving yourself, you are empowering others to do so as well. Confidence is contagious!

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