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How To Discover New Music during Quarantine

I’ve been quarantined inside my house for well over a month now. It has been the best time for me to binge-listen to music. Although it was super fun for the first few weeks, I find myself a little bored of the songs I’m always listening to. I’ve been trying to find new ways to find music, and I thought I’d share them with you!

Spotify Music Quizzes

This is probably my favorite way to find new music! Spotify offers some small quizzes to complete so that they can curate a playlist for you! They’ll curate a playlist based on your mood or even your pet.

These are super fun and a great way to discover new songs!


Obscurify is a website that does a few things. First, you log in with your Spotify account. Then, the website tells you how obscure your music taste is compared to the rest of the listeners in the country. This part is really fun, but it isn’t giving you any new music. If you scroll down to the end of the page, you’ll see a “You Might Like” section. Here is where the website curates a few new songs for you to listen to, based on the music it found in your Spotify account. Super cool and a personalized way to find new tracks!

Boil the Frog

This is another website run by Spotify, but you don’t need a Spotify account in order to use it. Here, you insert any two different musicians or bands into text boxes. Then you press the “Boil the Frog” button. The website creates a path of tracks to link the music of the two artists you entered! This is a great way to find new songs that you might like, as they are somewhat related to the two artists you entered in the box. You can also save the playlist of the songs it curates for you!

Listen to curated playlists on your favorite music streaming platforms

This one is a pretty obvious option, but it’s still a great way to find new music. Most music streaming platforms have playlists curated from staff members and other members of the platform. Simply searching up your favorite music genres will bring many different playlists to explore.

Here are some of my favorite Spotify playlists: Funk Drive / POLLEN / The Beats / Classical Reading

Follow your friends on your favorite music streaming platforms

Here’s another obvious one. If your friends have public playlists, you can listen to them and find new music. Pressing shuffle on a friend’s playlist is really fun, and I’m sure your friends would really appreciate it!

Here’s my Spotify account if you need someone to follow. Hope these resources help you out! Feel free to recommend some more in the comments, or even link your own accounts! Have a safe and fun quarantine!

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