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Bored During Quarantine? Here are 4 Must Watch Movies!

So, now that we’ve all been social distancing for weeks now, I figured it would be a good time to compile some movies that I love, and recommend them to all of you. Below, I’ve listed my 4 top movies of various genres in no particular order, as well as summaries to go along.


The Martian  | (2015) PG-13


This phenomenal science-fiction movie follows a stranded astronaut on Mars and his journey to get back home. It incorporates humor, smarts, and tension into its captivating story-telling. The Martian is an enjoyable film to watch for both fans and non-fans of science fiction. Matt Damon gives a compelling performance as the lead, and brings dimension to his character and the film as a whole.


Zootopia | (2016) PG


Zootopia has been my favorite Disney movie ever since watching it in theaters in 2016. This brilliant film is both engaging and heart-warming, as well as great to watch with family. There’s well-executed comedy, rich themes of inclusion, and uplifting scenes of compassion.


Hidden Figures  | (2016) PG


Hidden Figures, a biographical drama, follows the journey of three African-American women at NASA, working to send the first man on the Moon. This movie showcases the impressive stories of their fight for racial and gender equality, while including comedic aspects.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier | (2014) PG-13



And, finishing up with what I personally believe is one of the best Marvel movies: the second installment of the Captain America series. You’ll find impressive action scenes and emotive performances given by Chris Evans and the supporting cast. The aspect of humor isn’t as prevalent here compared to other Marvel movies, as Winter Soldier crafts a more compelling and serious tale. The film is filled with suspense and emotion, as you follow Steve Roger’s journey to expose a global conspiracy.

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