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How Healthy Is Your Relationships

Everyone deserves a healthy relationship! Don’t settle for anything less!

Is my relationship healthy?

Healthy Relationships
The person I am with:

  • Listens to what I have to say.
  • Respects and supports my decisions.
  • Encourages me to have a life of my own.
  • Is my cheerleader!
  • Wants what is best for me.
  • Does not pressure me about sex.
  • Likes my friends and family.
  • Would never try to hurt me.

Unhealthy Relationships
The person I am with:

  • Puts me down, calls me names or constantly criticizes me.
  • Tries to control what I do.
  • Gets angry when I don’t drop everything for them.
  • Makes me feel ashamed.
  • Makes me feel like no one else would want me.
  • Pressures or forces me into having sex.
  • Tries to keep me from seeing my friends and family.
  • Grabs, pushes, shoves me or hurts me in some way.

From: UT Teen Health

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