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Holiday Scavenger Hunt

Everyone’s favorite holiday is coming up: Christmas! From mistletoe to caroling in the streets, everywhere you look there is some sense of joy (except in politics but that is for another day), and what better way to see all of this joy than a scavenger hunt! Below you will find a scavenger hunt that will take you all around your town. Grab a couple friends and around $20, dress up in Christmas pj pants, a crazy sweater, and off you go!

Tasks One through Four

        • Go to your host home and make Christmas cards with encouraging messages. Save these for later! 
        • Go to a local Dollar Tree and buy five dollars worth of Christmas accessories, light necklaces, headbands, etc., and take a picture of you and your friends!
        • Find three community Christmas trees and take funny pictures in front of them. Make them as ridiculous as you can!
        • Find some artificial (or real) snowballs, go to the park, and have a snowball fight! 

Tasks Five Through Nine

      • Go out and find a Santa, reindeer, gingerbread man, Christmas gnome, and a snowman (a real one or some decoration) and take a group picture.
      • After this, go and find some hot chocolate to drink. Take a picture of your group with whipped cream mustaches (because what is hot chocolate without whipped cream?). 
      • On your way to your next task sing along to some Christmas carols as loud as you can with the windows rolled down. (The more annoying the better!). 
      • Remember those Christmas cards you made? Yeah, you are going to take those to a hospital or a nursing home and give those to the patients. (Take a picture of you and your friends giving them out or in front of the building). (You might need to call ahead of time to get permission).
      • With the last of your money go to a store and buy some toys (take a picture of you and the toys). Then take these to your local fire department and donate them to Toys for Tots. 

And Finally…

      • Return to your host house, grab some snacks, and watch a classic Christmas movie. ( I recommend Christmas in Connecticut, White Christmas, or It’s a Wonderful Life!) 

I hope this allows you to have fun with your friends and help spread some joy! If you would like, you can post your pictures in the comments of this article so others can see what you did! 

Merry Christmas!!

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