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Health Career Ideas For Teens Considering Their Future

If you are on the precipice of adulthood, there are some very real conversations you need to have with yourself. One of these is bound to be about what career path you wish to take, and the ways you’re going to get there. Going into the adult years is never a smooth journey, and there is often so much to learn that the whole thing feels overwhelming. If you are considering going into healthcare and medicine when school finishes and college begins, there are lots of paths you could take. Check out the following ideas for a career in healthcare, and see where it could take you.

Medical Billing

With a certificate in Medical Billing and Coding, you have a lot of doors open to you. If you’re good with numbers, love data, and have a flair for analyzing and organizing, this is a viable route. There are lots of technical skills involved, such as being able to use software and tools like MRA calculators, but the main purpose is to ensure accurate billing information and up-to-date patient records are passed onto health insurance companies. Read about the mra calculator to see how risk is assessed, how patients are categorized through the lens of a provider, and whether or not this is something that sparks your interest.

Hospital Doctor or Nurse

When you work in a hospital as a doctor or a nurse, you see thousands of patients with varying conditions and ailments. Unless you specialize in a core healthcare area, one day will be completely different from the next on the general ward rounds and patient admissions down in the ER or similar. This route requires lots of studying, excellent test scores, experience days, and commitment. It is not a career you step into without having a peak interest, and is one worth researching thoroughly before applying to medical school.

Before pursuing a career in nursing, it’s crucial to thoroughly research the profession and prepare for nursing interview questions. It’s important to also have a good understanding of the various nursing specialties and explain why you’re interested in a particular area. To gain a deeper understanding of the profession, consider volunteering or shadowing nurses in various settings. Being well-informed and prepared can help you feel more confident and poised during nursing interviews.

Assistant Nurse

An assistant nurse has many similar experiences and qualifications to a registered nurse, but less responsibility. It is an extremely hands-on profession, and there will be lots of face time with patients. You will be trained in checking vital statistics, measuring blood pressure, basic medication administration like IV lines and tablets, and personal patient care such as bathing assistance.

Medical Assistant

Do you have a flair for administration and an interest in healthcare? If so, this is the role for you. Medical assistants tend to work in the offices of doctors and hospitals completing patient admin tasks and have a clear career trajectory when people engage with the key qualifications.

Travel Nurse

Working as a travel nurse is an incredibly rewarding career path. Not only do you have the opportunity to see different parts of the country and experience different cultures, but you are also able to earn some of the highest wages in the nursing field. With the highest paying travel nursing jobs in demand, nurses have the rare opportunity to choose where and for how long they’d like to work. Thanks to this job flexibility, those looking for adventure, or just an escape from their everyday routine, can find what they’re looking for when taking on a new occupation as a travel nurse.


Midwives are on the front line with mothers and fathers during pregnancy and birth. They bring babies into this world and provide neonatal care across the globe. It can be an emotional profession, but an extremely rewarding one too.


There are lots of great opportunities in the medical field, and many places to find the perfect career for your profile. Whatever you feel confident in, there may be a niche in medicine that suits you. Therefore, even if previously dismissed it, there is value in exploring this field as a career option

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