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Happy Halloween!

Tricks, Treats, & Sweets!

Happy Halloween everyone~

Halloween is the one day we can dress up and be whatever want to be, so go get that candy! But before that, here’s some tips you might want to keep in mind when trick or treating this year.

And for those who don’t go trick or treating and may go to Halloween parties, this is for you too.

1 – Travel in Groups

When trick or treating this year, make sure everyone is accounted for. Whether you’re a werewolf, a cute kitty, or just rockin’ a onesie, staying as a group and having a set plan on the houses or neighborhood you’re going to trick or treat at is important. Make sure to have your friends numbers in your phone in case you happen to lose track of anyone.

Going to a party? Do the same and make sure you know where your friends are at all times. If you don’t feel comfortable, don’t panic or feel bad; your safety is of utmost importance.

2 – Beware of Bad Candy!

Take safety precautions and look out for anything you get that might look opened or torn. There’s nothing scarier than getting sick off unwrapped candy.

And if you’re going to a party, make sure you always have an eye on your food and drinks. Never leave anything unattended.

3 – Glow Sticks

When traveling with a group or younger sibling, friend, or small person, I recommend the glow stick system! Everyone in your group should wear the same colored glow bracelet or necklace in order to see one another from a distance. As it gets darker a lot  earlier during the Fall, this idea is simple, cute, and let’s you light up the night!

4 – Have Fun

The most important advice ever, be safe and have fun! Eat all the candy your monstrous heart desires. Stay up til the witching hour. Make funky potions. Cast spells on animals. Visit graveyards (maybe not, LOL). Don’t forget to have spooky fun!


Happy Halloween you pumpkins~

Here’s some last minute Halloween ideas from Girl Spring!

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