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Gratitude Means More than Just Thankful

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With Halloween over and the calendar already reading November, Thanksgiving and the holidays are right around the corner. This time is often full of the words gratitude and reflection, reminding us to be thankful for what we have. However, there’s more to Gratitude than just saying thanks to the people and things that have an impact on your life.

What is Gratitude?

The meaning of Gratitude which people usually think of first is the quality of being thankful. But, in the actual definition of the word, it explains a second part to gratitude that has to do with willingly showing appreciation and returning kindness to the people/things you’re thankful for. This means in order to fully participate in the gratitude process that comes along with thanksgiving and the holidays, you need to be thinking of the people you care about and showing your appreciation for them. But how can you show this appreciation?

Actions Speak Louder than Words

How many times have the words “let’s go around and say what we’re thankful for” been said at your thanksgiving dinner table? I at least know that for me, it’s too many to count.
This may work for events or objects that you’re thankful for, but the people who make a difference in your life deserve a little more. While the sentiment may be there, just listing off all the things you’re thankful for doesn’t always do the trick for fully showing gratitude. Instead, try actually doing things to show the person you’re thankful and that you care.

It’s the Little Things that Count

When it comes to showing your gratitude, start small by performing kind acts for the people you care about.
This could mean going out of your way to spend time with the people doing something you know they care about, even if it’s something you don’t really enjoy. Another idea would be to bake one of their favorite treats or bring them dinner from one of their favorite restaurants.

Also, for your parents or siblings especially, offer to do things around the house that you know are a hassle to them usually. Maybe even offer to take over some of your sibling’s chores for a day.
Even just being more consistent with checking in on the people around you can show how much you care. Ask them how their day is going and show them you actually want to know and listen to their real answer.

None of these things are overly complicated in any way, but they can all go a long way to showing you care.

Take it Beyond Just this Season

Showing this kind of love and gratitude is something that doesn’t just have to stick with Thanksgiving or the Holidays. In fact, we all need to get a little better about taking the time to reflect and be thankful for more than just the two most festive months of the year. In the same way, also take the time to do little things for the people you care about throughout the year because everyone needs to feel loved and appreciated for all they do. 

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