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Poem: Flowers


So many types

Lilies, Roses, and Daisies

All so beautiful 

All so delicate

Like life

When it first blooms it is beautiful

People love it

They appreciate it

But it doesn’t last long


People start taking it for granted 

They start disrespecting the person who gave them the opportunity to love the flower

They overlook it 

They want more than the flower

And then just as sudden as it came into the world

It is gone 

You will never see the flower again


It was beautiful 

But no one noticed

No one except that one person

Sometimes a girl 

Or a boy

Or sometimes an old man 

It doesn’t matter what they look like

All that matters is that they noticed 

That they were there


They noticed their beauty 

The delicate nature of it

They noticed 

They cared

They were there everyday

And they noticed when the flower is no longer there

They feel sadness

But sometimes they feel contentment

Because they know that they had a good life

The flower might not have had a long life but they used it to make that one person happy


Life is a flower

And it is beautiful


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