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Five Routines That Are Still Helping Me In Quarantine

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Okay, I’m going to be real. These past few weeks/months have been pretty rough for me in terms of motivation. I know that many people have been feeling this way (especially with Covid-19 still being very present) and it’s been hitting me hard lately. Since the new year has arrived, I’ve been doing some small things to work toward improvement. Here are some of those routines in case anybody else is needing them right now!

This is maybe the biggest one for me. If you’re like me, you’re not leaving the house very often. Sometimes it feels like I’ve been stuck in my room for an eternity. Journaling has become something that helps me relieve most of these feelings of stress/anxiety/loneliness. There’s nothing like getting your feelings out on paper. A giant weight is lifted from my shoulders every time I start a new entry.

There are journal prompts that can be found on the internet, too, if you want to write more than just your daily thoughts. In this time of self reflection, these really help to dig deeper into your mind and understand yourself on a new level.

Waking up early
This one might be obvious, and one that I admittedly don’t always stick to (but I really thank myself when I do).

Waking up early makes me feel like I have a better start to the day. It also helps me get to sleep earlier in the night. It just helps me feel fresher, more energized, and more prepared to finish the things that I have to do each day. Also, if you’re willing to get up early enough, there is something so special about seeing the sunrise in the morning. Almost nothing bad about this routine!

Sticking to my skincare
Alright, another obvious one. Skincare is very important but it’s something that I sometimes tend to fall behind on, especially if I’m busy. I don’t like the feeling of going to sleep without cleansing my face, so I’ve been making it a point to get this done everyday (morning and night!) It’s something small that makes me feel much better. Making time out of your day to finish these little acts of self care help tremendously when you’re stuck at home!

Discovering new media
I love music, movies and TV shows a lot. At the beginning of quarantine, I think everyone was trying to find something new to watch and listen to, including me. I’ve kept this up and I’ve been consuming a lot of new media. This is fun for me, so much so that I have to make sure I don’t watch too many movies in a day (haha). Although this can become all-consuming, it is really rewarding in moderation. Having distractions can be beneficial and it’s always nice to find something new to love.

Keeping up with my hobbies
This goes hand in hand with my last one. I have been trying to keep up with my passions while I’m at home. It’s very easy for me to push writing and reading to the side during this time, but I’ve been making it a habit to keep up with these things. No matter your hobbies, I think it is important to practice them every day (or at least a few times a week). I think all of these routines I have listed have helped me bring a little more joy into my life everyday, and this is one of the most important in terms of that.

Those are some helpful routines I’ve been maintaining the past few weeks. I hope you can relate to these, and maybe you will try some of them out yourself! Thanks for reading.

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