Exciting Career Options For Students Who Want To Work In Healthcare

healthcare careers

If you would like a long-term, stable job in the future, healthcare is the sector to find it. Going forward, experts predict that demand for health services will rise, meaning that people in the sector will likely always find themselves with work. 

Getting into the sector, however, can take a lot of work. You’ll need to start studying now to build the skills and qualifications you’ll need to succeed in the future. 

However, before you do any of that, you’ll need to ask yourself whether healthcare is truly the path for you. Yes, it offers considerable financial rewards. But it can also be notoriously challenging. You may have to work with some very sick people. Others could die. 

With that said, there are so many options open to people wanting to work in the sector. There’s something for practically every skillset. 


Pharmacy Technicians

If you’re looking for good career prospects but don’t like the idea of going to college for a decade or more, then you might want to think about becoming a pharmacy technician. These professionals create prescription medications for patients to order. To be successful in this field, you’ll need to have good attention to detail and some math skills. You’ll also want to focus on providing strong customer service.


Nursing Assistant

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Nursing assistants are medical professionals who help doctors and other ward staff care for patients. Their primary roles include things like checking patients’ vital signs and giving out medications. The great thing about this role is that you don’t usually need extensive qualifications. Once you get on a state-approved program, you can quickly find a suitable position, often at a local hospital. 


Physical Therapist

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If you are looking for something more specialist, you might consider becoming a doctor of physical therapy. These medical practitioners focus on patient rehabilitation, usually after accidents or surgery. It’s your job to help them strengthen their muscles and joints so that they can recover their mobility. 


Medical Transcriptionist

If you imagine yourself having a desk job in the future, you might want to become a medical transcriptionist. These professionals create reports and medical documents to support patients and physicians. Usually, you’ll work in the doctor’s office itself, although there are also sometimes opportunities to work from home. 


Medical Records Technicians

If you see yourself as a detail-oriented person, you might want to become a medical records technician. These professionals are responsible for looking after patients’ medical records and making sure that they are up to date. 

As a medical records technician, you can work in a variety of settings, including nursing homes, doctor’s offices and hospitals. To excel in the role, you’ll need to have technical and analytical skills, a high level of personal integrity and attention to detail. 


Laboratory Technician

Perhaps you like the idea of working in a lab. If so, you could become a laboratory technician. These professionals analyze samples from patients and create reports for doctors. For instance, you might need to identify diseased cells in a tissue sample or look for bacteria in urine.


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