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Equality – a poem


by Samone Davis

Equality is the thing that’s in the world for mothers, fathers, boys, and girls. Blacks and whites, we were all separated from state to state we were segregated.

I see every kid being whipped with wire, they’re being hurt and burned just like fire.

Women and men, both are sensitive and feel. But women show it, and men conceal.
For black lives to matter, we must stop the black on black blood splatter.

So take one look at our past, because
this will be the last.

People should be who they want to be, not hiding in a closet unfree.
Society needs to take a good look inside, we need to support LGBT pride.

We all want to stop racism.
We sent black and white men to die in war together, before we could be educated together.

How come I see every day
People who always find a reason to discriminate
Why can’t I have the same opportunities,
why can’t I be great

Because mankind has taken the food from my
plate and left me full of hate
Let there be no gazing eyes, for equality shall rise

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