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Easy Tips to Ease Your College Application Process

A college education is an excellent long-term investment. However, applying to different preferred universities can be a daunting task, especially if your parents and siblings have not yet gone through the process and are in a position to offer you guidance. There will be many things to do, including writing essays and collecting recommendation letters. All this can be overwhelming, hence why we are giving you some tips to ensure that your application process is as simple as possible.

 Create a To-do List

When creating this to-do list, ensure that you incorporate these essential elements

  1.       A list of your preferred colleges
  2.     Research on these schools
  3.       The requirements for each school
  4.     A list of tasks that you need to complete for each of these schools
  5.       Arrange the items on the list according to their significance at each given time

Choose The Right College Application Platform

Every university in the United States has its application process. Although many schools prefer an online platform like The Common App or Apply Texas, some have specific application systems that you should follow. For instance, New York University has a website where you can fill out the application forms and upload the required documents.

However, there is no specific situation that you necessarily have to follow when choosing a platform for your application. Therefore, you should do more research on these platforms keeping in mind the requirements for each of their potential institutions before deciding. Regardless of the forum you settle for; you should understand that you will have to submit an essay or two as part of the application process.

Write The Application Essay

You will have to write one to three application essays depending on the school you are applying to. Additionally, each of these schools will have specific prompts to which you will need to adhere. For instance, some universities have a particular word limit or a word count range that your essays should adhere to. The college admission officers focus on three things in the article, the content, how you employ proper punctuation and grammar, and your ability to follow instructions.

Do not procrastinate, as it will steal much of your writing time. Moreover, before submitting your essay, try to have a person with good writing skills, such as your teachers, proofread and edit your essay. In summation, you should start writing your paper as early as possible so that you can manage to write it well and have it re-edited before the deadline reaches.

Request For Letters Of Recommendation As Early As Possible

When applying to colleges, you will need to submit letters of recommendation. You will need to request your high school teachers or mentors to write one for you. They would have to write on your character and other academic talents that may not be in your transcript. Also, you can ask someone that knows you well enough to write one for you if you cannot get access to your teachers.

Prepare For The Interview

It’s okay if you do not receive an interview because not all institutions conduct them. However, if you are requested to arrange an interview, you should prepare yourself adequately in advance. For instance, you could research more about the school and consult institutions that would help you better your skills, such as hbs admissions consulting.


Applying for college is not exactly a walk in the park. However, you could make the process simpler by employing the above steps. Additionally, leave much time for you to do everything adequately without hurry.


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