Do Not Let Change Scare You – Give Yourself Some Grace


Change a word that scares people. A word that pushes people away. How to deal with it you ask? The truth is I do not know. But what do we all truly know in life? If we really knew what to do it would take away the adventure and spark in life. 

I was faced with the biggest change of my life. I was scared but, how exciting it was going to be. 

Imagine moving to a whole other country, or moving from the city to the suburbs, or moving during a pandemic. Impossible. Or at least I thought. London to New Jersey would be one thing, but on top of a global pandemic when the world was going to be turned upside down, would be a completely life changing situation. COVID-19, changed every single person‘s life, many in big ways, some in small ways. However, in the end it changed every single person’s life regardless of who they were, where they were, and what they did. 


Transitioning to life in the suburbs was not going to be easy, and in countless ways it is still not easy. You are learning to navigate life in a whole new perspective. A perspective that is very much narrower. Living in a city, you are exposed to culture, culture is an extremely broad term, but it was easy to learn about other places, and how to adapt to other cultures. But then you move to a place that has a much more narrower view than where you were before, that is yet another change you have to make.  

When moving, many think about how hard it is going to be to leave their friends, how much they will miss their school, and how much they will miss their life. Whilst that is all true, and valid, what you do not think about is how it is going to be, when it comes to adapting to other people’s views, and lifestyles. In many ways views that were extremely heightened because of COVID, and the disaster and heartbreak taking shape around the world.

Change, change comes in so many forms, and it leads you on a never ending adventure. 

I moved from one of the biggest cities in the world, to a small town, where many of these people who lived here were third or fourth generation family residents. A challenge to even try and integrate socially, and accustom myself to their lifestyle. But it was one that I was going to have to face in all factors.  

Many fail to realize and empathize with the idea that we all come from different places and different backgrounds, places where we believe different things, and sympathize with others specifically. A challenge that was underlying, and may seem obscure to others was the idea that I was going to have to hide my worldly views, hide the culture knowledge I had learned whilst traveling all over the world. 

Moving is a challenge everyone faces. Change is a challenge everyone faces. Whilst change may not be something that everyone loves, sadly it is inevitable.

We all face change, and we certainly all have the past 18 months. 

But adapting to small town life, adjusting views, is not something we all face. Yet, in our new world we have to come with the “understanding” we are all fighting our own battles. A solution may not be as easy as it seems. But is it ever? 

I learned to give myself more grace, told myself it was going to be a big change, but overtime I could do it. That is the key to adjusting, or at least it can be one. That was going to be the key for me adjusting to small town life, but secretly knowing I would forever be a big city girl at heart. 

As the world changes, as our lives change, we do as well. Sometimes in the worst of ways, but mostly in the best. 

We can do anything we set our mind to. As I adapt to my small town life, I hope you can conquer whatever you are facing. And know we are all fighting changes and battles. But you can do it, as long as you give yourself some grace. 


A girl who is adjusting to her new life. 


Content maker for Girl Spring

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