How Covid-19 Changed Football Games

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College Football Season

       It’s around that time of year that the best season comes back: football season. No matter if your team wins or loses, going to a football game brings so much serotonin. The excitement of watching your favorite football player run the ball in for a touchdown or singing along to your football team’s fight song when they score, the crowd cheering wildly for every play is a different type of joy. Covid-19, has messed up many things but one thing it didn’t mess up was football games. I recently went to Alabama vs Miami Kickoff game. It was a blast. I almost forgot about the joy experienced at football games and how fun it is to have a crowd cheering along with you. The Mercedes Benz Stadium did not mandate masks, but instead recommended masks. There were quite a few people wearing masks but the majority of them were not. If you’re still wary about catching corona I wouldn’t recommend going to a football game anytime soon. As the world continues to open up I urge y’all to stay safe and have fun. Covid-19 has taken many things away, but don’t let it take away what brings you joy whether that be a football game or hanging out with friends. Covid-19 can’t take away your joy. 

High School Football Games

        High school football games look a lot better than last year. At my high school last year, we had to stay 3 feet away from each other in the student section, and masks were required. I’m a cheerleader so I stand on the sidelines and we also had to wear masks. I didn’t think those guidelines were ever gonna change but they did. Once the covid vaccine came out my school offered it to the students and staff. Since they’ve done that my school hasn’t had many covid cases and now at football games we can take off our masks. If the world continues to get vaccinated then more things will start opening up and we will be one step closer to the life we had pre-corona. 


        In conclusion, has Covid-19 changed football games? Yes and no, yes there are more guidelines. For instance, staying 6 feet apart, masks recommended, and social distancing. Football also hasn’t changed, many stadiums are opening up to full capacity and people are tailgating again. I don’t think Covid-19 will ever shut down football season completely because that is America’s pride and joy. America needs that joy more than ever right now.

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