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Digital Artwork: Down The Street

In the warm afternoon you head out with a couple of friends to town and hangout for the day. You guys have a small meal at a cafe near the arcade, so after the meal you all decide to go there and have some fun. There’s the classic Pac-man and Donkey Kong, but in the end you and your friends all settle to try and win a claw machine. Luck isn’t so much on your side with the stuffed animal claw machine, but thankfully one of your friends was lucky enough to catch two stuffed animals and gift you one. Hanging out with friends, you’ve been outside for almost 7 hours and it seems that the city is also becoming brighter from the tall lamps and supermarket lights down the street. Distant chattering and the soft ambience of light from the sky guide you back home.


Description of artwork: This digital piece of art took some time to complete. I had set this aside for almost 3 months until I came back to it one day and finished what I had started because it bothered me that I hadn’t and it feels a lot better to see it now completed. In 2019 I had my last visit to China, my mom’s home country. I had enjoyed a lot of my time there and since wanted to go back and visit, but since the pandemic I haven’t had the chance to, so this piece makes me feel like I’m in the atmosphere of the lively streets back in China.

Annie Hu

Hello I'm in 10th grade, I like to create art including, but not limited to, digital art, traditional, and photography.

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