Celebrate Body Confidence on October 18th & Everyday!

Celebrate Body Confidence on October 18th and Everyday!

National Body Confidence day was on the 18th of October, but should be celebrated everyday!

It is a special day to praise our unique and individual bodies! Every one is different and beautiful in their own ways, and October 18th is a national day to celebrate our amazing selves.

Personal acceptance and self-love is the key to body confidence.

One of our favorite body positive models, Iskra Lawrence posted a very moving caption on her photo posted on National Body Confidence Day/ October 18th! She spreads the body confidence/positive message in such an inspirational and moving way. Check out her message below!

Instagram Tag: @Iskra

“Did you know it’s body confidence Day?
Yup it’s a legit thing and something I’d love to see you be part of by using #perfectlyme (head over to @seventeen insta to watch my video explaining what it’s about)
You’re all reading this because you’re on my page / following my lil space on here filled with squares of images and vids of my life. I ALWAYS want to you remember these are curated even though they are unretouched you can see the diff between the first two pics which are more “posed” and the last which Isn’t.
I’d also love you to think about who and what you’re following online and whether you feel empowered or disempowered and really listen to that because you deserve to surround yourself irl and online with positivity. So have a look who you’re following and see if maybe you can follow more marginalised people who aren’t represented in the media and need their voices heard.
Right so this is turning into me rambling on. But that’s just it, I’m not perfect I’ve said this for years and also it was the focus of my TED talk that the pursuit of perfection is only detrimental to your mental and physical health. How can there be a definition when everyone is different and that’s what is beautiful. So on body confidence day I want you to feel empowered by the fact you’re #perfectlyYOU and so is your bestie and grandma and fourth cousin twice removed. We are all here in these bodies which are our homes so let’s start celebrating that and valuing and appreciating them for all their magical capabilities and experiences that they allow us to have in this world.
Ok ramble over ILYSM for reading this (if u read it all comment ? emoji lol)??????⭐️✨
#nomakeup #nophotoshop #yesimwearingasmallbikinibutnothatisntconsent”

Link to Iskra Lawrence Ted Talk: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GR_hq7OVzHU

Join the body positive moment, and celebrate National Body Confidence Day October 18th and every day!

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