Cancerous Relationships!

This is a very hard story to tell, this didn’t just happen to me, it happens all the time to people everywhere. Having a cancerous relationship with someone can lead to depression, and life is a constant circle, you’re not always happy, and you are going to get through the sad times. In eighth grade, I just started going to a brand new school, and being the new girl is never easy, let me just say. I quickly became close with a bunch of people in my class, but I met this one girl who seemed to be the total opposite of me, but we were so close. Within weeks she knew almost everything about me, I don’t know why but I trusted her with every secret that I ever had. We became very close and every single day it seemed we were getting closer, until about Christmas time .

I had a crush on this guy in my class, and she knew, but he liked her. She knew and about a month after Christmas they started dating, I didn’t want to get in the way of a relationship so I gave them some space hoping and praying she knew me well enough to see how much it hurt. After about two months I gave up I missed talking to her everyday on the bus and listening to our favorite songs and bands waiting to get off the hot bus. Well apparently coming back into the picture wouldn’t be as easy as I thought she had already replaced me, and that moment made me realize I knew nothing about her. I knew nothing about the girl who made me sob on the bus because she kind of liked the guy I had liked for about 8 months.

We get out of these situations only by the skin of our teeth, clawing our way out of the situation, hoping and praying to make it out alive. We make the same mistakes until we learn, and maybe someday we will.

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