Book Review: The Night Circus

In a richly divine world of circuses and magic, Erin Morgenstern spins together a story of games, romance, and eccentric characters enveloped in a magic circus. I thoroughly enjoyed the chase and puzzles of The Night Circus. I found this book to be extremely imagery-driven, and the plot picked up more in the second half. Readers are sure to become enchanted while following the ongoing and elusive games between Celia and Marco, the details of which become apparent sparingly throughout the novel. We are curious about the characters at first, not sure what to make of all their wild personalities and huge egos, but soon fall in love with the way they fearlessly put each other’s safety before their own. With the details being extremely well-hidden within the novel’s vast language, I would advise to pay attention to the small nuggets of information the author supplies. Readers are also sure to be enchanted by the beautiful landscapes and mesmerizing tents the circus provides. From illusionists to fortune tellers to a room made especially of different smells, the circus can swallow anybody up in its never-ending magic. I read this novel with my book club, and we all loved picking apart the dense imagery to find the important details and sharing our wild ideas we thought the novel could take a turn towards. If you enjoy the fantasy and allure of Alice in Wonderland or Harry Potter, this book will be one of your favorites.

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