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Body Positivity

Body Positivity

Over the summer, I have been in search of trying to practice remaining calm and peaceful in stressful situations. I have always had trouble with anxiety, and I have improved greatly from the state I used to be in, but anxiety and stress can still hold me back from events and opportunities that really shouldn’t intimidate me. I tried many methods of stress relief that I found from various websites online, that did help to an extent, but none of the practices aided me when I really needed them. My emotions continued to get the best of me. After a few weeks of searching for practices of stress relief, I started researching yoga and meditation. Of course, I had heard of these things before, but I had never really considered it. I had always thought that I was either too young to understand it or that it was too overwhelming and complicated. But, after a while it started to interest me. I looked up youtube videos, got books from the library about different methods of meditation, all the research I could absorb. I eventually started taking a few classes every now and then at VillagerYoga in Mountain Brooke. I can honestly say that meditation and yoga have helped me at remaining calm not only while practicing it, but in everyday life as well and I would recommend it to anyone it may interest or who needs it. Yoga and meditation has transformed me into a more aware and appreciative person.

Stating that, I would like to briefly talk about a class I am currently attending that combines both yoga, health, and body positivity. Emilie Maynor of VillagerYoga and Nicole Rahr Stephani of Body Boop has created a four week class centered on yoga and positive body image. Each class’s goal is to relieve pressure centered around negative body image and discussion about what in society creates us to have these negative body images. It is a very safe and inclusive environment for teens to develop a more happy and positive body outlook. The class starts off with stress relieving yoga, and transitions into discussions centered on different topics of body image. The class covers topics from body image in pop culture, to our relationship with food. It is a very healthy way of getting teens appreciated and mindful of their body.

I can say from self experience that I went through, and still continue to go through, negative outlooks of my body. Sometimes it is so easy to look at yourself and point out what you think are flaws and list off how you wish you could change them. It’s harder to look in the mirror and fully appreciate the amazing vessel that is your body, and it takes practice. But, with a good outlook and starting with small steps, it is possible to be fully proud of not only your reflection, but everything within. Almost every teen girl goes through negative body image. It is SO important to remind yourself that your body is amazing just for being your body. And of course, proper appreciation of your body, also comes with taking good care of your body. Plenty of exercise, food, and sleep is important, but it doesn’t need to be stressful to achieve this. In fact, it can be quite fun!

For more information on the “NOURISH: A Body Image Conversation for Young Adults” class, Click Here

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