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Blank, Empty Space

Blank, Empty Space

Coming home from school one day,
To find a price I shouldn’t pay.
I listened, stood, with all my might,
As my parents shared with their delight.
They told me the news,
The sad, sad news,
To which its truth, I refuse.
The news that was so very sad back them,
The news that turned my now sad heart to carbon.
Which took me into a great big fright,
With this, I took it with a fight.
This was told in winters’ glow,
My hopes were drenching with the snow.
A joyous day that had not yet begun,
Never took place, because sadness had won.
These facts burning through me, I dwelled in the night.
For this news, I felt, anger and spite.
This couldn’t be it, this couldn’t be right,
Hidden in a corner I was pushed in too tight.
Then came the day when I opened my mouth,
Which cause my friends to drop their happiness and drouth.
The day that I left, it was so very dull,
The sadness in me is still not mull.
For my heart has been pierced by a poisoned-end dart,
And when that went through, it took part of my heart.
And When that part was gone, what had taken its place,
Is a hollow, blank, empty space.
To this day I remember the look on my friends,
When I told them the news that causes our lives together to its ends.
For this tale, its sadness, full of its woe,
Has turned people’s hearts, as weak as a doe.


Kristen is a contributor for GirlSpring. Her posts focus on GirlSpring updates and current events.

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