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Poem: Beginning To End

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In the beginning, we were all virtual 

In the Beginning, virtual was the worse 


Finishing The Eighth Grade Virtually-

Was Hard. 

Starting Freshman Virtually Was Nerveweking 


But I did amazing virtually 

In-person is now hard 


I’m afraid to ask for help 

I’m afraid to fail an assignment

So I just don’t turn it in


I’m in every club you can

Think of it so I don’t have

Time for homework 


I’m an entrepreneur

I don’t have time 

To work on my 



I have no friends 

So what’s the point 

Of being here 


School takes 8 

Hours of my day

And there home

Work tends to 

Take 8 more 


I have no time 

For me so I 

Wallow in 



School now 

Feels like jail 

to me nobody 

Hears or feels 

my pain 


In the end 

Virtual is for me 


But there’s 

Just One Thing 


I’ll never 

Have the opportunity to do it again


I guess I’ll have to wallow 

In my pain, until the year ends


I can’t wait until the 

Seventh Day because on that day 

I will REST. 


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