Beauty Within the Darkness

Beauty Within The Darkness

Surrounded by stone walls
I am enraptured by the sounds
Bouncing off around me
Water trickles at the steady rate of my heart
And blasts through the moss set upon the rocks
Leaves float among the bubbles
And stream under the bridge
Traveling to the lake in the distance
I want to travel amongst the stream
But my heart is trapped inside the walls
I stare out of a small window
But I just stare for I cannot leave
Each stone is stacked
Uneven and discolored
It’s cold
With wind bursting in from the open ceiling
I dream of who lived here before me
How they could have read books to pass the time
Or painted pictures from inside the window
But what happens when they run out of room for the pictures
Or ideas for paintings
I dream about how they got out
Did they learn to jump over stone walls
Or drown their sorrows within the water
Did they have to choose between art or themselves
I don’t know what they chose
And I know I never will
But I refuse to be
Contained within these walls much longer

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