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Back To School: The Importance of Proper Period Care

Menstrual cycles can be tricky, especially in the first few months. Periods can be unpredictable and irregular for girls waiting for their first period and even young girls who just started bleeding out of their vaginas.

Sometimes it’s right on the calendar; other times, it might catch you mid-way during your Math class at school. No matter if you’re new to the concept or are aware of the details, no one wants to be surprised by blood stains on their bottoms during recess.

Vacations are ending, so you should start packing your period care supplies, books, and stationery items.

What is a menstrual period, and why does it happen?

A menstrual period is the shedding of the uterine wall and blood from your vagina. It is a biological process and happens to almost all of us. Periods occur because of sex hormones. This process starts from puberty and ends at menopause.

A typical period lasts between 3-8 days and occurs every 21-35 days. It is also accompanied by other symptoms such as mood swings, irritability, lower back and abdominal cramps, and fatigue. In normal conditions, periods don’t bother you that much.

Importance of proper period care

Periods are scary, but once you get all the necessary period supplies, you will not find it challenging. A period is not just a biological process; it’s also a cleaning mechanism of your body. Taking care of your hygiene is as essential as breathing, requiring special attention when you’re on your period.

To avoid staining clothes, foul odor, and embarrassing situations, follow the steps elaborated below and ensure complete menstrual care and hygiene.

1.     Accept your period.

The first step in preparing yourself for a period is understanding that it’s completely normal. During the first few months, you might be unable to track your days properly and leak. Please do not feel embarrassed or wrong about it. It happens to all of us. Being comfortable with your biology and embracing it is the first step towards proper period care.

2.     Prepare for school.

The second step after acceptance is to prepare for school. Understand that every girl experiences menstruation and be confident. Pack up your bag with all your books, school supplies, and hygiene care supplies. Now that you’ve started your periods, you might need a period pack or pouch; because you never know!

3.     Pack the best period supplies.

Menstrual periods are natural and can show up at the wrong times, so it’s better to be prepared for any blood-related emergencies. Keep menstrual products in your bag at all times to avoid any problems.

You can choose menstrual pads, tampons, or menstrual cups. However, for the teen years, pads are the typical and safest choice for period care.

We suggest using the natural menstrual pad brand, Wombilee.

Wombilee Pads

Wombilee Menstrual Pads provide period care in the form of three different kinds of graphene pads for heavy and regular flow. The brand also has a biodegradable pad range for steady flow. The pads have high absorbency, and the 3D design prevents the fluid from leaking.

Wombilee pads are highly pocket-friendly too. The graphene range starts from $7.99, whereas the biodegradable pads cost only $5.99.

Graphene Pads

Graphene in the pads has anti-bacterial, conductive, and anti-static properties, which helps against rashes, pH imbalance, and bacterial infections. The Wombliee menstrual pads are highly absorbent, breathable, and have an organic cotton surface. With seven layers of protection, these pads hold 150-200 milliliters of fluid and are suitable for all flow. The graphene pads are made up of the following ingredients.

  • GOTS-certified Organic Cotton
  • Graphene
  • Airlaid Paper
  • Super Absorbent Polymer
  • Non-Toxic Polyethylene
  • Non-Toxic Adhesive

Biodegradable Moderate Pads

The biodegradable pads from Wombilee are organic, chlorine-free, and provide hypoallergenic protection. It’s eco-friendly and enclosed in recyclable wrappers. The ingredients that go into a biodegradable Wombilee pad are:

  • GOTS-certified Organic Cotton
  • Airlaid Paper
  • Wood Pulp
  • Polylactic Acid is made from Corn Starch
  • Non-Toxic Adhesive

4.     Always track your days.

Your period cycle can be irregular in the first few months or even years, but once you accept the process, you can track your symptoms. The days of your menstrual cycle can be predicted using various period trackers or app journals. Keep a check on the obvious signs, such as cramps or irritability. This is an intelligent way to prepare for your monthly blood cycle.

5.     Keep an extra pair just in case.

As you grow old, there are certain accessories that your bag pack must have at all times. These include sanitizers, a pair of underwear, Wombilee pads, and Midol.

With teenage periods, you can never be 100% sure, be cautious about your hygiene. No one likes to walk around the school with blood stains on their trousers.

6.     Look out for friends.

Be there for your girlfriends. Keep an extra pair, not just because you might need it but also so that you can help a friend in case of a menstrual emergency.

Tell them about it discretely if you see stains on someone’s trousers. Please do not make jokes about it and discuss it with your friends.

Include your male classmates in the menstrual discussion. Ask questions from the older, well-informed people and normalize the conversations. Remember! It is nothing to be scared of or ashamed of.

7.     How friendly is your school?

Is your school dispensary open to providing tampons or pads in case of a blood leak? Can you discuss menstruation with your teachers? Can you get a pain killer in case of cramps?

You should know the answer to all these questions. Some schools are period friendly while others aren’t. Be sure to check! And, talk to your parents if you don’t feel comfortable in your school during your monthly cycle.

Bottom Line

Menstrual awareness is necessary for both girls and boys equally. It’s high time the shame and taboo associated with periods are ended.

Keeping a pair of Wombilee pads inside your school bag is intelligent. It’s environmentally friendly, economical, and provides extra care during periods. Also, you can visit the Wombilee site by clicking here and buying a pack of pads that best suit your blood flow rate.


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