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  • Ole Miss

    Ole Miss

    Nectar of a crimson honeysuckle stings my tongue, as a bumble bee flies by me. Amber roads stain my toes, yet I…

  • Self Respect

    Self Respect

    While it is important to always have respect for others, it is equally as important to remember to have respect for yourself….

  • Simple Gifts

    Simple Gifts

    There are so many opportunities, experiences, people, and places to be thankful for. At the same time, these are all things that…

  • What I Would Give

    What I Would Give

    What I Would Give to spare you more time. I would pay in a million starry nights. I would pay in sacrifice…

  • To Be...

    To Be…

    To love lovingly is the least of what I intend to peruse. To sing when the song has already been sung, is…