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Alternate Choices for this Halloween to Stay Safe!

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Alternate Choices for this Halloween to Stay Safe!

As we all know, the form of many holidays this year have looked quite a bit different. This is due to the restrictions and suggestions put down because of the Coronavirus. It is really important to keep following these rules as the virus continues on throughout the year. You may have already thought about how different the Halloween of 2020 might look.

Depending on rules by your family, city, or state, Halloween is probably going to look a lot different than the years prior. Halloween is associated usually with going up to mostly strangers house with your friends in costumes and receiving candy or maybe going through haunted houses all night. Everybody will be taking a different point of view on whether they might hand out candy or be walking around. If you are one of the people that would like to be on the more cautionary side and not have to fool with the possible crowds and masks, then I have 7 fun ideas for what you can do this Halloween!

  1. Of course, Halloween is all about the trick-or-treating for most people, but how can you receive candy this year? There is never any shame in buying a bag of candy just for yourself! Halloween is the one day a year it is expected that you get and eat a boatload of candy! This way you can buy what you want instead of throwing out and wasting what you usually would not eat also.
  2. If candy is not exactly your thing, and you may be thankful that you get to stay home this year, then there are many different treats that could raise your spirits! A famous fall treat are the Pillsbury easy-bake sugar cookies.These are a must during the holiday season and for this month they come with a variety of prints. The cookies are precut and come in a package of 24 typically with prints already on them. There are many options like the all around Halloween mix, pumpkin, “spooky cat”, and ghosts. Any other deserts with a pumpkin or cinnamon taste are perfect to get you in the fall mood.
  3. Watch some (scary) movies! Another key element to Halloween is the scare factor. If you are sad about missing this, you probably already had this idea in mind. I also realize scary movies are not the move for everyone, including myself. Some movies that will still get you in the spirit without the fear factor are all the Scary Movies, Madea Halloween, Coraline, Ghostbusters, Monster House, The Nightmare before Christmas, Edward Scissorhands, and more. This way you may not feel cheated out of seeing some costumes and the same sort of Halloween typical experience.
  4. Pumpkin decorating contests are always a go to for the fall season. Whether you would like to carve or paint it is always fun to just brainstorm and decorate a pumpkin. It does not even have to be Halloween themed, just have fun with it! If you wanted to make it a contest, take a blind vote among your friends. Then you could give a prize to the winner
  5. Make your own house haunted! Most places are closed this year because they are not able to follow the rules and still scare you to death, so why not do it yourself?! Whether you just get some creepy decorations in your room or go all out it is a definite way to feel like a true Halloween. If you get really into it, try and team up with your siblings and try to scare your parents or vice versa.
  6. Another fun idea within your house is an escape room. Hide clues and riddles inside the desired room and see if your family can figure their way out of it. This can be really fun and requires some smart thinking to get the true experience of a real escape room. Set a time limit and see just how creative you can be and how intuitive your family is. Make sure to be very original and surprise your family with little hidden things in between.
  7. You may have seen the new “ghost photoshoot” trend recently. This requires minimal effort with a great outcome. Just simply put a white sheet over your head and whether you cut out holes for eyes, put on some sunglasses, or keep it at that the costume portion is done. Drive around and find places that seem to fit the same aesthetic of your ghost. This could be run down gas stations, wide fields, graffiti walls, or your own backyard. The outcomes are cooler than you would expect! To get a more spooky look, either edit your photos or even take them on a disposable camera. Get someone else to do it with you, and it is just as fun. For inspiration look on Pinterest and TikTok.

If you decide to go out this year, make sure that you continue to follow the safety precautions. Stay 6 feet away and wear a mask wherever you might go. All these activities can be done with friends, but it is necessary to be mindful of your risk factor at all times now. Stay safe and Happy Halloween!

For more tips on how to make the best out of our current world check out Olivia Welch’s Making Friends in a Global Pandemic

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