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Adut Akech; Fashion Staple

Adut Akech

Adut Akech, born in South Sudan, raised in Kenya before moving to Australia, was scouted at the age of 13-15. She started her modeling career at 17, signing with Chadwick Models in Sydney, Australia.

During her time modeling at Melbourne Fashion Week, she was approached by Saint Laurent scouts for an exclusive cast. She’s renowned not only for her prominent facial features but also her dignified runway walk. I wanted to showcase some of my favorite runway looks worn by her.


New York, Sept. 9, 2019;

Adut Akech walking the runway at the Anne Sui, Spring-Summer 2020 Fashion Show

Silk lining on a sheer chiffon jacket, over a chiffon and lace detailing dress. It’s a perfect spring look, not to heavy nor light. Simple, elegant, a perfect example of Coco Chanel’s ideals of loose silhouettes still being feminine; this would allow women to still be perceived as feminine without stopping her ability to function. This look was not created by Chanel but we can see Chanel’s influence effect many designers looks. 


New York, Sept. 9, 2019;

Adut Akech, runway for Carolina Herrera, Spring-Summer 2020 Fashion Show

This crape abstract draped dress is a simple slip-on. The gorgeous drapery work reminds one of a delicate sculpture. It reminds me of vibrant colored seaweed flowing with the tide. I find it so mesmerizing because I can imagine the fabric  immersed in water, photographed, and then painted in a Vincent Van Gogh reminisce. Its as if to say organic shapes can be combined with the material world.


New York, Feb. 9, 2018;

Adut Akech walking the runway for Jason Wu, Fall-Winder 2018 Fashion show

Now, this is a cotton polyester blend gingham evening dress. The geometric hemming and draping is what makes this dress so appealing to the eye. It’s something that is modestly, but very attention drawing. The women who wears this dress is successful; she knows what she wants and goes for it. Clothing such as this, that paints a story and tells you exactly who its meant for, is the exact mission statement of the Fashion Industry.


New York, Sept. 10,2018;

Adut Akech at Anne Sui’s Summer-spring runway show during Fashion Week.

The dress seen above is a very elaborate layering of materials. The layer over the skirt is a sheer nylon, and underneath is a polyester. Its another example of a modest slip-on. But yet its quite busy, it has the lace detailing around the bust area and the separately sewed on fabric at the waist line. Its clearly made for someone who’s free-spirited.

That being said, fashion is meant to empower. We have our own styles because it makes us feel like ourselves. Rather you prefer loud and abstract, or simple and elegant, it will always be you.


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