A Poem to the Women of the Past, Present, and Future

Rosie the Riveter

This poem is dedicated to all the women who fought for equal rights

All around her cottage, loud rain falls.
Only one trace of life within her walls.
A little girl sits alone.
She fails to light a match.
She pleads for heat.

With a blanket in hand,
She closes her eyes,
And sees a warm fire,
A fire within,
A fire of her own.

A little girl sits,
Baffled by her goals,
Denied by society,
And consumed by her dreams.
Was the fire just in her imagination?

Maybe, for now,
But one day,
She’ll release her fire.
The world will ignite,
And she’ll spread her light.

Education for all,
Regardless of sex.
Voting for all,
Regardless of sex.
Equal rights for all.

Sojourner Truth,
Elizabeth Cady Stanton,
Oprah Winfrey,
The list goes, but
We thank you.

All around our cottage,
her light shines bright,
Everyone is warm,
We stand together
And fight for our rights.

Ariel Zhou

Ariel is a student at Vestavia Hills High School and a member of the Springboarders program.

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