A New Trend: The Return of Plastic Earrings

A New Trend

A New Trend: The Return of Plastic Earrings

A New Trend: The Return of Plastic Earrings

When you think of earrings, your mind usually fills with pictures of  sterling silver, gold hoops, or diamonds stud, but they can be so much more than that. Back in the 1980s women of all ages were rocking huge, fun, neon earrings that become the focal point for any outfit. These were different not only because of how they captured attention, but also due to the fact they were made of, not metal, but plastic.

This 80s trend is making a comeback today. However, one main difference is that although these earrings may look to be made of plastic, they are actually made of a substance called lucite which is not a plastic at all, but, in fact, a form of glass.

However, to southern boutiques, it does not seem to matter much what the earrings are made from, more how they look on, and, these lucite earrings can quickly become the focal point of any outfit. So, love them or hate them, it seems as if lucite earrings are the next new, or old, accessory, and they will be everywhere this summer.

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