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A Must-Watch: Train to Busan

A train platform at a station in Busan, South Korea.

Train to Busan: a Korean horror film

Recently, I watched the Korean movie Train to Busan, and I personally loved it! I’m usually not a fan of horror movies. I prefer to keep things light-hearted, but one of my friends told me this was a must-watch. So, my family and I watched the movie, and right off the bat, we were impressed by the wonderful graphics, beautiful camera work, and captivating direction. 

Everyone–and I mean everyone–acted perfectly. There wasn’t a moment when I felt the plot was being dragged on like in a few other movies. The movie revolves around a child, Su-an, and her father, Sok-woo, and the family dynamic we see evolve throughout the story. On their way to Busan, the home of Su-an’s mother, a zombie apocalypse breaks loose and one infected person turns rabid while inducing chaos among many millions. In all this, Su-an and her father make it through with the help of nice, selfless people. Because of this, Sok-woo learns the importance of giving more than fending for himself. 

While he learns an important lesson, the ending brought me to tears. The little girl’s acting was so heartfelt, I truly forgot I was watching a movie for a split second. The many adventures we’re taken through are very fervent, and I can’t imagine having to live through something so horrendous. And, although I don’t want to spoil the movie, I do warn you to not get attached to any of the relationships! 🙁 

In all, it was an amazingly directed and executed movie. The people, zombies, and reactions were so real; if you haven’t watched it yet, I would 10/10 recommend Train to Busan. And for all my fellow non-Korean speakers, I’d watch with subtitles!

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