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A Guide to Styling Sustainable Fashion

A significant percentage of the global greenhouse gas emissions have the fashion industry to blame. With the rising awareness of environmental issues, more people are concerned about the planet’s future and conscious about their carbon footprint. Understandably, most people have their minds in the right place but find it hard to create or style an ethical and sustainable wardrobe. Concerns range from ditching known brands to limited options in terms of trends and going deeper in the pocket to shop for sustainable fashion. The worries are valid. However, employing sustainability in your fashion choices is not an impossible task as many would think. Here are a few tips to help you care for the planet while still looking dashing:

Take stock before buying more

Having a green wardrobe is a potent step towards sustainability. It is an impressive contribution to the fight against climate change. Part of that is the simple act of doing an itinerary before purchasing any new pieces. Look at the clothing pieces that you own. You will be shocked to find out that you may have items that you could have forgotten you had. You will also find creative ways to use the pieces you have. And therefore, see no need to add more items to your wardrobe.

Forget the trends; buy timeless clothing pieces

Invest in quality staple pieces that will take you through several seasons. Invest in neutral must-have clothing items that you can wear season after season. Not only will you get a reasonable cost per wear, but the environment will thank you. To minimize waste, buy pieces of high quality so that they go the distance.

Shop from sustainable brands

Fashion brands like Baserange (found at Maplestore) are starting to do their part in reducing the environmental and social impact of their production. Help encourage the green transition in the fashion industry by offering patronage to entrepreneurs that are keen on caring for the planet. When you wear sustainable dresses, you are confident that you minimize your carbon footprint. And that you are being kind to the environment.

Do not buy things for occasions

To be sustainable, you want to have a cohesive wardrobe. Mix and match the items to get the most use. One way to ensure that is to buy things you can wear in multiple ways. Veer away from buying items that only fit a specific occasion. Instead, invest in items that have more longevity and that you can wear many times. Purchase versatile pieces that you can style in different ways.

Repair old clothes

Buying from sustainable brands is commendable. However, one way to go the extra mile is to repair old pieces. Mend clothing items that are ripped instead of ditching them for a new one. Find a local tailor to help you with your old clothes and reduce the number of purchases you make. Alternatively, you could learn how to do it yourself. There are plenty of YouTube tutorials that will help you learn to sew. You could also opt to recycle the fabric from worn-out clothing.

Wrapping up

One of the most crucial things to do when seeking to be sustainable is to gather as much information as possible. Read books, research papers, and blogs about sustainable fashion. The knowledge will help you make more informed decisions.

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