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A Feel Good, Holiday Message!


What do the holidays mean to you?

For some, it’s all about the gifts. For others, it means family. And for some, it is a holiday celebrating and honoring religion.

The holidays are very special to everyone for many different reasons. For me, the holidays mean Christmas music, lights, family, giving, and more. This holiday season is very different from the holidays in the past. For graduating Seniors, it is the last, total holiday season at home. Next year, we start a new chapter of life. COVID-19 has changed the face of society and unfortunately, the holidays.

It is not ideal to be away from family or change up traditions. COVID-19 aside, I encourage everyone to think of their favorite Christmas memory. Reminisce on some of the fun times instead of focusing on the difficult ones we are currently facing. One of my favorite memories is waking up on Christmas morning to find my very own American Girl doll under the tree from Santa. This made me so excited because it was all I wanted. It made me so happy that Santa brought me exactly what I wanted.

My Favorite Holiday Memories

Waking up on Christmas morning full of anticipation and excitement with my brothers is the best! Another thing about the holidays is family traditions, which are some of my favorite things to participate in. Personally, my family makes gingerbread, drive to see Christmas lights, and have a Christmas Eve movie night. These are some of my favorite things about the holidays.

What are some traditions you have with your family?

This holiday season I challenge the readers to think of the things that make them happy about the holidays. What makes them special to you? So now, go grab a cup of your favorite warm beverage and tell your family you love them.

Be thankful for what you have instead of being sad about what you don’t have this holiday season.

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

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