A Day in Tokyo

A Day in Tokyo

My Experience in the Capital of Japan

During the month of October in the year of 2017, I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to visit Japan. I was there for roughly ten days, and, for one of those days, I was able to explore Tokyo. Unfortunately, it was very rainy, and a typhoon had been heading towards the city. Therefore, most of the visit was spent indoors. I did have the opportunity to visit Asakusa though!

Asakusa is a huge Buddhist temple colored a beautiful shade of red. The place is lined with trees and vendors. Everything from umbrellas to sweetbreads to masks can be bought there. There are tons of people strolling about—speaking a wide variety of languages—and a constant exchange of money can be heard. Several buildings surround the area, sporting street art or advertisements for animal cafes (an occasional live owl might be seen). One roof carries a life-size statue of the famous Nezumi Kozo, a Japanese hero and thief. Asakusa was incredible to see!

Shortly after, my group and I went over to the Sky Tree, the tallest lookout tower in the world. Miles above Tokyo, the entire city is laid out before you, seeming to have no end. A short, nervous look through the glass floor lets you see just how high you stand above this humongous city. If it had not been cloudy that day, Mt. Fuji would have been easy to spot.

Not much more occurred that day after these two events. I sat and ate in a small mall, shopped a little, then hopped on some trains. Note for when visiting Tokyo: it is insanely hot inside of the train stations! One thing that can be said is that people in Tokyo are super friendly and helpful. For a short while, my group found ourselves lost among all the train stops. The lines can be very confusing. All the train attendants were more than helpful when trying to get us back on track. Never once did I feel like I was in danger. Japan is a very safe country to get lost in.

That pretty much wrapped up our day trip to Tokyo. We ate ramen at a small restaurant, fed change to a vending machine for heated drinks, then purchased tickets for a forty-minute train ride into the Chiba prefecture.

Overall, Tokyo is very clean, safe, and family friendly. There is so much to see. So much that it would probably be best to take a few days to cover it all. But keep in mind to carefully chart out your mode of transportation.


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