9-Year-Old Completes 24-Hour Navy SEAL Obstacle Course

9-year-old Girl Completes 24-hour Navy Seal Obstacle Course

A ninja. That is how Christian Bizzotto describes his 9-year-old daughter Milla, who on Friday, March 25, completed a 24-hour course designed for the U.S. Navy SEALs. The BattleFrog Xtreme challenge entailed running 36 miles, swimming an 8-kilometer course and 25 obstacles, six times.

Milla, who is 4 feet tall and weighs 53 pounds, trains for for three to four hours every weekday.

“My biggest challenge with her is trying to get her to train less,” Christian, who coaches his daughter, tells Us Weekly. “At 7 P.M. when I have to kick her out of the gym, she’s like, ‘Just let me take another class! Let me stay until 8!’ and I’m all, ‘You have to go to sleep, you have to go to school!”

Next, the Miami-based third-grader will compete in the Athlete’s Race. The invitation-only charity event on April 23 includes 6 kilometers of paddle-boarding and 5 kilometers of running. “Her friends are playing Medal of Honor on PlayStation for four hours,” says Christian, “but she is a medal of honor in the gym for four hours … she is her own character in a game, playing on monkey bars, climbing ropes and jumping walls. She does in real life what kids are trying to do on a video game.”

Though Christian doesn’t track Milla’s calories “because she’s a little kid,” he shuns processed foods. “No pasta, no crap,” says Christian. “We don’t buy anything with pesticides on it. But at the same time … if she wants to go to a pizza place with her friends, she does that. If she wants ice cream or whatever, she can have ice cream and it’s totally fine with me, because 90 percent of everything she consumes is super clean — lots of fruits and vegetables.”

As for critics who say Christian is pushing Milla too hard? “She can leave the gym at any time,” he says. “She’s passionate about what she’s doing. The same way that an Olympic gymnast would start when they are were 7 or 8 — she has that same kind of drive and dedication.”

As Milla told The Miami Herald, “I don’t want to play video games. I don’t want to Hoverboard. I don’t want to do things to make life easier. I want to be comfortable being uncomfortable. I have one body and it’s all I want and all I love.”

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