5 College Application Tips to Reduce Stress

Very few things are as stressful as college applications. Although college is not for everyone, many highschool students sometimes feel that their whole careers rely on where they go to college and how hard they work in highschool. The process can be overwhelming. So, coming from a highschool senior in the middle of it all, here are some college applications tips to reduce stress as much as possible.

1. Make a list of schools you want to research.
Come up with a sturdy list of some schools that you think you might want to go to. Don’t be afraid to put a ton on there, and click around the websites for all of them. You will cut some, and find that there are ones you like more than others.

2. Make a spreadsheet
Make a google sheet with all of the colleges you are applying to, their due dates, and how many essays they each require. Being organized is key.

3. Keep sticky notes with deadlines
Sticky notes are great because you can move them! They allow you to make an adjustable timeline. I use them to keep me on track of writing my supplemental essays by reminding myself when to come up with ideas, when to write, and when to edit.

4. Stay. On. Top
It can be really overwhelming, so try to keep up with your deadlines. If it means writing a crummy draft of a personal statement in your lunch break, then do it. The more you write, the more you know what you do and do not want to say.

5. Reach out when you need help!
There are more people in your life who are willing and equipped to help you in this process. Talk to your school college advisor if you have one, a trusted teacher, and even your parents or a current college student. Feedback is often the best way to fix your errors and figure out what you need to prioritize.

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