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Heading Home From College? Here’s How to Store Your Belongings

Most of us head into student accommodation when it comes to attending college. This is great. It gives you the chance to meet others in the same boat as you, who have just moved to a new area and might not know all too many other people. Student accommodation is also conveniently located, close to campus or on campus, allowing you to reduce travel time and costs when it comes to attending seminars and lectures.

But one thing does still reign true when it comes to college digs. Most students will head home for the summer. This helps to save costs, as you can live at home for free or cheaper rather than forking out rent for student accommodation while lectures and classes aren’t on. Of course, it can be difficult to transport all of your belongings back home with you, especially if you’ve invested in any furniture or large appliances.

This is where student storage comes in useful. Student storage is a storage solution that provides you with a space near your college to store your belongings while you’re away. When you return, you simply collect your items and mvoe them into your new accommodation. Now, one issue is that student storage can be costly and you may struggle to fit your belongings into the space you can afford.

Don’t fret. Here’s an infographic from that will show you how to stretch your storage as a student, getting the best deal for your money!

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