Artwork, Poem

‪Happy Life‬

What a beautiful life ‬
‪So much beauty its overwhelming ‬
‪Enough to make me cry‬
‪Happy thoughts dancing through my mind which makes me smile so kindly‬
‪Tall trees standing like solders ‬
‪The branches protecting me from the sun ‬
‪Unique birds hopping around on the ground‬
‪Squirrels playing hide and seek in trees‬
‪Bugs all on me hugging my skin and thanking their god for food‬
‪And the people are so amazingly beautiful in their own skin‬
‪Its just perfect‬
‪Ill be me and you be you!‬
‪I hear sound and see color ‬
‪And for some reason its beautiful and strange that god made me and all of this!‬

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