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Working Self Care into your Back to School Routine!


Going back to school is a fun and exciting time, but it can be a little tough getting back into the swing of things. Here is what I do to make sure that I work self-care into my daily routine.

My favorite part of self-care is skin care.

Today, I will be sharing my skin care brand and routine.

LUSH is my favorite skincare brand. They are based in Vancouver, Canada. The brand mainly uses all natural ingredients, ensures that the products are not tested on animals, and focuses on sustainability with environmentally friendly and conscious packaging. Many LUSH products are even vegan and organic. 

To start off my routine, I use products that are designed to use on all skin types.

The product focuses on products that are especially formulated for sensitive skin like mine. My favorite facial cleanser is called Kalamazoo, which is a beard and facial cleanser. The cleanser is lightweight and has a refreshing citrus smell. You put it on your face and massage it into your skin for a few minutes with your fingers. Then, wash it off with warm water. Afterwards, I like to put on a face mask called Beauty Sleep. The face mask is a lovely purple color and contains linseed to help soothe and protect your skin. I usually leave it on anywhere from 15-30 minutes.

After that, I use the Eau Roma Water. This product is a toner and helps prep the skin for the moisturizer. The water is refreshing, soothing, and has a slight lavender scent. And last but not least, Celestial is the moisturizer I use to hydrate my face. It leaves it soft and glowing. The moisturizer is lightweight and can be applied both day and night as needed for hydration. So that’s my self-care, facial routine. I usually do this everyday to every other day.  

I hope that you like and try some of my favorite skin care items.

Below are the links to the LUSH products I have mentioned. LUSH has so many great products that could be used for a self-care routine. Their products range from facial care to hair care. I also highly recommend their bath bombs. Don’t forget to take care of yourself this school year. Have a great year!

Here are the product links:

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