Wonder Women: Major General Lee Price

Even today, it is unusual to find a woman in the army, and rarer still to find a distinguished high-ranking female officer. Fortunately for us, Major General Lee Price is one of those exceptional women.

For the inaugural Wonder Women lecture, GirlSpring had the pleasure of hearing from Major Price this past Sunday, January 21st. In attendance were more than 40 people from different backgrounds, each with a different connection to the organization and a unique perspective on the lecture. From fifth graders to high school Springboarders, and from college students to parents, the gathered group listened intently to the encouraging and inspiring words of Major Price.

She taught the group about picking a positive word and working towards becoming more like that word every day for a month. Awesome. Powerful. Loving. Write your words down in a notebook and see how those defining words change as you grow.

She also told the group about Power Poses. Think Wonder Woman. Head held high, fists on hips, solid stance. If you have good posture, people are more likely to take you seriously and follow your lead. This was especially important for Major Price during her military career, so it’s a good thing her mother reminded her to stand up straight when she was growing up.

While she was working for the military, Major Lee heard “No” a lot. Her guidance is that if you’re not hearing “No” then you’re not working towards the right goal or you’re not pushing hard enough. Even when people tell you that you’re not good enough, know that you are enough, and you can achieve your goals if you try your absolute best.

To learn more about GirlSpring’s Wonder Women, visit Wonder Women Lecture Series. We hope to see you at the next lecture with Senator Linda Coleman-Madison!


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