WHY? by Y’onna H.

I am thirteen
Why is my face so
They hurt when I pop them
Why am I not the only one
who cares about my size
Why do I go to my closet
Maybe because there
I can think
Why doesn’t anyone listen
but question what I think
Maybe because they don’t
or like to hurt me
It’s hard being me
The boy I like doesn’t even
notice me
I guess maybe I can’t do anything
When I ask why do you question me
Maybe because you like him too
Why did I confess to you
behind closed doors I run and
Why are my cries as heavy as rain
Now do you feel the same?

This poem was taken from the book, Jellyfish In Disguise, a book of poems created by students in the Woodlawn area, and from Putnam Middle School, produced by Desert Island Supply Company. To learn more about Desert Island Supply Company and the work they are doing in the Woodlawn area of Birmingham, please visit,  Desert Island Supply Co.


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